The COVID-19 Vaccine PassPort Conversation

Vaccination proof for travel outside the USA is not a new requirement. However, since there are people who object to vaccination requirements, I am curious enough to ask “what is the down-side?” On the other hand, what are your thoughts on having travelers arrive in the USA who have no “proof” of negative response to the COVID-19 infection with them? I wonder whether that works for us in the USA healthwise.
For your information, some businesses are already accepting the New York – Excelsior Pass, which is “digital” proof of vaccination and “virus-tested” passport. In fact, Madison Square Garden used it recently to allow admission. Is it disconcerting to you when businesses use this option as a way of assuring their clients/customers that some attempt at protecting them from COVID-19 infection has been made?

At this writing, New York is, to my knowledge, the first US State to have a “digital” version of vaccination proof, which can be accessed on a mobile device. The Excelsior Pass is valid for 180 days after the final dose of the vaccine. When it expires, a new Pass can be activated. The COVID-19 PCR Test pass is valid until midnight on the third day after a test. After it expires – it can still be seen on your device in a dimmed format.

I am pleased to report, that I was able to download the free Excelsior App to my iPhone. After scanning the QR (Quick Response) code that is assigned once a vaccine or test is given, I was able to retrieve my information onto my mobile phone. As a result, I have “digital” proof of my vaccine history and a recent COVID-19 PCR Test. I do not have to print out a copy of my credentials. All I have to do is provide a photo ID.

If you want to, you can also use Excelsior Pass at the website, and print a paper pass without using the mobile app. Read more about it at this link: NY State Excelsior Pass

Another CDC tool available for our use is the database of Travel Health notices.
Travel Health Notices, advise precautions to take when traveling during this COVID-19 infection period. You can enter the country, or scroll down the list assigned to a specific level and read what the health status is of that country.
There are four (4) COVID-19 Levels: Level 4 is a Very High health threat (for example, at this time, India is listed as a Level 4), which means travelers should avoid all travel to India.The other three (3) levels are: Level 3High, Level 2Moderate, Level 1 Low and an “Unknown Level” indication.
Included in the data is a Read More link providing specific details about a country. Click this link to select a country or city you want information about: Travel Health Notices | Travelers’ Health | CDC.

Use the links below for detailed information:
Excelsior Pass: Frequently Asked Questions | COVID-19 Vaccine (
Excelsior Pass | COVID-19 Vaccine (
Other options for obtaining tests for a fee are available at the link below:
NY Forward Rapid Test Program | New York Forward
Domestic Travel Info:
Domestic Travel During COVID-19 | CDC
Fully Vaccinated Info:
When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated | CDC
Do you need to test after being fully vaccinated?
When Should You Get A COVID-19 Test Once You’re Vaccinated? | HuffPost Life

It should be noted that “COVID-19” passports may become a requirement by some businesses (airplanes, “restaurants, concerts, and sports arenas), and it is legally acceptable. Private entities can set up rules for their services. Read more at: Watch | Yes, businesses can require that you show proof of COVID-19 vaccination with a “COVID vaccine passport”: Legally Speaking with Stephanie Haney (

In the News – a recent interview of the CEO of the very successful dating app, Bumble, reports that people signing up for possible dates are sending in photocopies of their vaccination cards as proof of authentic “wellness”.

Can you get COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated?
Ensuring COVID-19 Vaccines Work | CDC

Stay safe!

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