COVID-19 APPs to the Rescue

Are you remembering the ‘good ole days’ when gathering together for an afternoon of fun was not a COVID-19 health issue? I think we all are nostalgic about those times. As a matter of fact, some of us are ‘sick and tired’ of following the ‘rules’.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted ‘normal’ everyday socializing. And we are all feeling the strain of not having time together.

FYI – The good news is that there are Apps, like UnityLink, which can be used to assist you in having a reasonably safe way of gathering with family and friends.
I am encouraged that in the days ahead, these types of tools will be used more frequently.

UnityLink is a new App, which allows you to store, send and present personal, testing, and vaccination records related to COVID-19 and other vaccination records, as well. This gives individuals, businesses, employers, and doctors the opportunity to once again socialize safely with each other. 

UnityLink uses the “blockchain” method to provide security. It is the same technology used by cryptocurrencies. After a unique QR (Quick Response) Code is created, the app provides you the ability to share proof of your vaccination records. There are three individual plans. One of the plans is Free! You can download it on your Apple or Android phone.

Another useful App is the Apple COVID-19 Screening Tool, which was developed in cooperation with the CDC, FEMA and the White House. You can search information by State. It will give you the results and ‘official’ Guidance, or precautions you should take, as well as, guidelines for testing. In addition, you can setup a personal Medical ID for emergency. It also has the latest information about COVID-19 from Apple News.

Be Careful Out There !

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