Thanksgiving: Celebrating Native American History

canstockphoto12013223How much of Native American History do we know?  I recently found some Apps that provide information about these great people and their history.  These are  wonderful resources and you will find that some of them are free!

Description –  Native American Encyclopedia is the largest and only online encyclopedia devoted exclusively to Native Americans, American Indians, Métis, Inuit, First Nations, Aboriginal Peoples, and our communities in North America.

 Learn about the healing art of traditional Native American healing methods Native American medicine is classed as an indigenous healing tradition. As 80% of the World’s population can’t afford Western hi-tech medicine, indigenous customs collectively play a crucial global healthcare role – so much so that the World Health Organization advocated that they be integrated into national healthcare policies and plans.

Thanksgiving APPS

Before I get started with the APPS  I found for Thanksgiving,  I thought you might want to check out some history about the Thanksgiving holiday. Please take a moment to click on the link after the excerpt, as you share this holiday with your family.

Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

Let us today be forever Thankful that the Native Americans that befriended the Pilgrims lived by their own beliefs and teachings of helping those in need. For without their aid, what would have become of the Pilgrims at Plymouth? via Native Americans and Thanksgiving.

They say there’s an APP for everything Well, check out the links below to some Thanksgiving APPs I thought you might like to know about.

Best Thanksgiving Cooking Apps for iPhone and Android

It’s almost Thanksgiving, that time of year when cooking is almost mandatory—even for the most ardent restaurant patron. While some stick to traditional family recipes, others experiment with new dishes. Not unlike novels and newspapers, old-fashioned cookbooks seem to have been replaced by smart phones and tablets. So we’ve put together a list of the best cooking apps for every skill level, from the kitchen neophyte to the aspiring gourmand.via Best Thanksgiving Cooking Apps for iPhone and Android – The Daily Beast.

Hot off the Cyberpress!
Top 9 Thanksgiving Apps for iPhone,  by Amy Burke via Top 9 Thanksgiving Apps for iPhone.

 Apps to help organize Thanksgiving, Sharon Machlis,via Apps to help organize Thanksgiving – Computerworld Blogs.

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Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂