New Cancer Apps and Support

This month Tech4Boomers is eager to share some new free APPs and other Internet websites which are support systems for people who live with cancer. I suggest that you listen to my podcast, it gives a detailed description of the help available using your mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. Then use the links provided below to access the information.

Also available on Apple, Google and other podcast platforms

To read about and download the Pfizer “Living With” App use the links below:

Android user:

Apple user:

Use the links below to download the pdf brochure, which gives a diagram and detailed description of how the “Living With” App works.

tlwc_program_brochure.pdf (

tlwc_spanish_program_brochure.pdf (

Photo by Tara Winstead on

Use the link below for Pfizer Onology Together to locate “Care Champions” – dedicated social workers who assist cancer patients.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Book
cam brochure-7/04 (

If you want to give back in some way download
Facing Forward.
Use this link to download a pdf, kindle, or order a free copy
Facing Forward: Making a Difference in Cancer – National Cancer Institute

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