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What resolutions have you made for this 2021 year? Maybe you are not sure where to start, or even if it’s realistic you can keep them?

I was having a conversation with myself about being more responsible for those who come after me on planet Earth, to do my part in taking some interest and responsibility in finding out solutions to assist those doing the hard work in addressing sustainability issues.

Just as I was thinking about sustainable issues that confront our entire planet, someone asked me what to do with used batteries. By the way, what do you do with yours? Do you feel guilty when you just put them in the garbage, or are you saving them until you figure it out?

Did you know that after batteries are collected, they are sorted first by type, and then by chemistry? It’s a complicated process, which I will not detail here. However, below are ways to get started with doing your part to help the planet with guidelines from Recycle Nation.

Source: The Importance of Battery Recycling For Our Future – RecycleNation

Recycle Nation

1– Place batteries in their original packaging for quick identification.
2– Tape the ends with clear packaging tape, place them in clear bags, and bring them to one of the recycling facilities found in their list
3– All batteries can be recycled. Where you go for the different types may differ. If possible, look for a drop-off center that takes them all and sorts them into types for you.

I am eager to share this link with you. It’s a great way to start doing your part. Recycle Nation has an APP, which you can download to your smartphone, for information on where you can drop off your batteries. In addition, you can find out where to take other recyclable items. You can also just go to the website and find out how to recycle items. Click the link below to download the APP, or use the search feature at the website by entering the type of recycling help you need and your zip code. A map and location of drop off places will be provided. It’s that easy!

RecycleNation – Search. Find. Recycle.

For additional questions, you can click this link of FAQ’s.

Frequently Asked Questions – RecycleNation

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