Christmas Gifts for Kids…

canstockphoto7515092How many of you are still struggling with Christmas gift ideas for the little people in your lives?  It’s hard to know what to buy with so much to choose from.  Not to mention that often board games do not seem to get as much publicity as the tech toys.  How can we come up with something that not only the younger generation will like, but will please us, the parents of the children?  I thought I might check with what some of the ‘experts’ for ideas to help you in choosing those last-minute gifts.  Here is what I found:

Little PassPorts: Little Passports is the creative, fun, and award-winning subscription that kids love. Inspire kids to learn about the world with a gift subscription to Little Passports! We offer two gift subscription packages: the World Edition and the USA Edition: via Gift Subscription Ideas & Subscriptions For Kids | Little Passports.

 APPS of the week:  If you are planning to give your kids a new phone or tablet check out these Apps to download: via eSchool News | Apps | eSchool News.

♦ The Top Tablets for Your Kids: Considering that children are our future—and our future tech consumers—the computer industry hardly caters to tykes. Just a handful of computers and tablets out there are specifically designed for kids and their little hands.via The Top Tablets for Your Kids – Slideshow from

 Tablets for 2 year olds: Most kids’ tablets are generally aimed at kids from around 4 years upwards. But if you’re looking to expose your 2-year-old to tablets, then there are products available. via Best Tablets for 2 Year Old Kids for Christmas 2013.

♦ Check out what Consumer Reports has to say about how to choose the best tablet for your child. Look at this list of what to consider before you buy. via Buying A Kids Tablet | Best Kids Tablets – Consumer Reports news.

Happy Holidays!