No such thing as FREE APPS

Ok Folks, let’s review this again for ourselves:  We all know now that information is always being collected about us when we use apps on computers and phones, as well as, the free online services. For example, tax preparation software. This is not a secret. We are being watched, and information is collected about us if we are using internet connected audio speakers, thermostats etc.

  • The regulation of these services and how these services are using our personal digital information are not regulated as in the food industry.
  • An article I read suggests that we still should take extra steps to be careful with ‘obscure’ tech brands.  Don’t sign up for every app that is available, or take every quiz if you’re a Facebook user.
  • None of these APPs are free, and they often give you the details of what their collecting in their privacy policy.

You may want to reacquaint yourself with a post I wrote last year around this time That’s because this issue keeps coming up! Click here if you want to read that post. ⇒  Are APPS Free

PARENTS ! Caution! there are Internet products, which collect data about your children.  Snooping without your knowledge.  The article specifically mentions EchoMetrix, which has now rebranded itself as Protext Mobility.  In addition, there are tech products that now include Internet connections.  Investigate your ‘smart’ toys. Find out how the data are being used.  To get help you can go to Common Sense Media, which evaluates the content and products for families.



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