Browser Safety & Privacy: Is it possible?

I often look to Brian X. Chen’s, New York Times articles for Tech Fix when I really want to know about a product.  And,  I must say, his articles are very helpful.  In a recent personal search for information using Internet Explorer, I once again found my computer attacked by Spyware.  I have some experience with this, as some of you who follow my blog, already know.  Remember when I was held hostage in October 2017?
I wrote about it on this blog post: Malware-safety-requirements/

It’s very scary, time-consuming and costly.  Just a few days ago, the same thing happened again! Yes!  As Brian X. Chen says, “the web has reached a new low…annoying, often toxic and occasionally unsafe place to hang out.”  I managed to catch myself before I panicked and made a mistake.  I turned off my computer; logged back on, and deleted the Internet shortcut I had on my taskbar to the browser.  I then looked at the tools on my Internet Browser toolbar, which allowed me to go into my Internet options, and delete the history.  Once again I was saved! Whew!

Do you always know how to protect yourself from Spyware?   In this instance, I switched to my Google Chrome browser to check if my computer had been compromised. I had no problem, and continued my work.

 Just in case, however, there are other Browser options.  Does anyone remember Firefox??  Or, you may know it by the name Mozilla.  Mark Mayo, Mozilla’s chief product officer resumed his thinking about different tools and architectures and different approaches. Now there is a new Mozilla version.  The code-name is Quantum.  Here are the changes according to Chen:  sleekly designed, fast; consumes less memory than the competition.  This allows you to have lots of tabs. But, the real attraction are the privacy tools: built-in feature for blocking ad trackers…. tools to prevent Facebook from monitoring activities to name just a few.  There is much more covered in the article all about the normal Firefox browser, and Firefox Focus.  You can read all of the reasons for considering this new version of Firefox.  Apparently, the privacy features are substantial.  Source:

 One more thing, learn about Firefox Quantum at this link:

Be careful out there!

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