Extra! Get Your News Apps

news w apps It’s a challenge just keeping up with all the new things happening with technology.  Therefore, my mission is to bring those technews items that could be useful not only for BabyBoomers, but interesting for those who have a Smartphone, tablet, or curiosity  in ‘what’s happening with tech’ :).


  On my ‘goodie’ list are three News Apps, which I read about in the New York Times, and loaded on my iPhone. Although I still like the idea of the News paper format, if I am honest, I never get to read it all, and I am not so sure what good it does for the planet.  I mean recycling,  the newspaper, is that really the answer?  The newspaper takes up a lot of room in my tote bag, and occasionally is inconvenient for others when I’m trying to read it on the Metro. Truth be told, I probably will read more on my iPhone, or iPad in the long run just because it’s easier :).

Take a moment to read the short synopsis of each App, then click the link  to quickly access them.

 The BBC News App is very easy to use, and is free on iOS and Android. The App places the top stories on a front panel, which houses smaller panels, and when you click on the smaller boxes, it jumps to the article.
Other nice features I liked about the app are:

  • Live Radio
  • Latest News banner at the top of the app
  • Edit button provides the option to move the Top Stories categories in an order of your personal preference.  Just click on the side bars to move the link up or down the list.
  • Change the font size
  • Share the stories via Email, Twitter, and Facebook, are easily done
  •  HELP feature. via BBC News on the App Store on iTunes.

 The Washingon Post App can be downloaded to your Android Tablet or Kindle Fire. Find it on Google Play and the Amazon App Store. iPod and iPhone users can find it on the iTunes App store.

These are the features listed for the Washington Post News App:

  • Save: Articles to My Post to read offline
  • Share: Content via Facebook, Twitter and email
  • Customize: Your navigation with your favorite
    sections and features
  • Read: your favorite sections offline.
  • Search: For stories and photos
  • Find: Content quickly and easily with intuitive
    navigation and design
  • View: Extensive photo galleries and videos
    via Mobile News and Apps – The Washington Post.

 The New York Times App  can be downloaded to iPad/iPhone/iPod touch (requires iOS 7.o or later)… Android,Blackberry, Kindle,Windows 8, Windows Phone and Mobile Web.

Some features listed for the New York Time News App:

  • Free to download. You must subscribe to get unlimited access.
  • Note:  If you are a NYT subscriber (print & digital, you have unlimited access to the NYT Now app), which is only available for the iPhone.
  • Share: Content via Facebook, Text Message, AirDrop, Twitter and email
  • Save: NYT articles

⇒ Check out other News Apps that are available by clicking this link.

via Flipboard, Circa and Other Apps to Keep Track of the News – NYTimes.com.

 I hope this is helpful!   🙂

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