Boomer Expectations

Hi Boomers,

Have you joined in  or become acquainted with some of the latest Social Networking tools?  Did you join Twitter yet, are you familiar with the terminology being used out there?  Well it’s time to ‘get busy’ ! 

I recently read an article posted at indicating the following:
‘Next, the boomer generation will change the way we think about retirement and aging, experts and analysts say, just as they transformed notions of relationships — delayed marriages, fewer children, more divorces — and ideas about careers, with more women in the workplace and adult learning…

The article goes on to say:
“Boomers are all about exploration and transformation.  Many of them reject the idea of retirement that they saw firsthand with their parents, where you stop changing and growing and become a fixed entity,” said Ann Clurman of  The Futures Company, which tracks consumer attitudes that forecast lifestyle and behaviors,  and author of “Generation Ageless:  How Baby Boomers Are Changing the Way We Live Today.”

Check out the article at your first opportunity by clicking this link:

Then think about what your Twitter ID is going to be 🙂 !

2 thoughts on “Boomer Expectations

  1. Finally made a moment to check out your blog – it’s really cool – I’m almost ready to take the twitter plunge!


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