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Hello Boomers

Welcome to

It is my intention to assist all my Baby Boomer(BB’s)  family and friends how to make sense out of this new computer world.  Twitter for one thing!  All of the BB’s i know want to use or get acquainted with Twitter, and the whole ‘social networking’ concept.  However, what may seem easy to the ‘younger generation’ is currently a ‘challenge’  to some of us BB’s.  I mean if it only uses 140 characters maximum to communicate on Twitter, why does it take reading numerous paragraphs of information just to understand how to open a Twitter account?

This Blog will attempt to breakdown the complications of being a part of the ‘social networking’ community.

Stay tuned!



I am a senior citizen recently retired after working for 50 years in various professions. I find social media intriguing, blogging uplifting, and technology in general a welcomed challenge. My newest interests are Aromatherapy and Essential Oils. I have recently acquired an Aromatherapist Certification from the New York Institute of Aromatics. I write about all of these interests as topics on my various blogs. I am hopeful that the posts I create bring information that is useful and moves my readers to explore more.

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