Apple is First Again with the Apple Watch

apple watch

Once again Apple is in the forefront with its latest and greatest tech gadget for our amusement and to our delight.  And, guess what?  We can’t wait to buy it!  Who can figure out the mentality of the Apple buyer?  Word is that it’s the best Smart Watch on the market if you believe Consumer Reports. Check out the article for yourself. via Apple Watch is the best smartwatch around, says Consumer Report – SlashGear.

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Of course, there are other tech pros who have their review of the watch you may want to read. Continue reading

5 Ways to Improve iOS 7’s Battery Life

information iconTips to help iOS 7 users preserve their battery life

It’s a little over two weeks since iOS 7 came out and a week since Apple released an upgrade (iOS 7.0.2). Through all the praise, jeers and shouts, one question stands out in all iOS 7 users’ minds: How can I make the battery life longer? No matter which device you’re using, Apple’s gadgets have always had an issue in maximizing battery life. So, here are a few tips to help extend the battery life on your iOS 7 updated devices:

Turn off the moving background

Although it’s one of the cooler optical features offered with the iOS 7 update, the moving background runs through the battery a little more quickly than you might expect. To make iOS 7 easier on your battery, unless you are constantly looking at your phone’s background, turn it off to help conserve power. To turn it off, go to Settings, then General, move to Accessibility, then Reduce Motion.

Turn down screen brightness

This one is pretty straightforward. The brighter your device, the more battery it runs through. Since screen brightness is usually at a high quality, it’s unlikely you’ll need more than half its capacity. Try using your device at a lower brightness setting (your battery will thank you)—not to mention a lower brightness will be easier on your eyes.

Click the link to read more:  via 5 Ways to Improve iOS 7’s Battery Life.

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