Loving the iPhone

I must admit; I’m an iPhone ‘fan’ hands down.  The reason I’ve stayed with them for so long is that Steve Jobs figured it out for me:  I did not want a complicated phone – however,  I wanted it to be a sophisticated device.  I wanted help when I needed it, and I wanted it to fit into my purse without it being a major undertaking.  ‘Easy does it’ has been my reason for staying with iPhone throughout my mobile phone experience.  And, I’m still satisfied. The iPhone just keeps giving me what I want – and what I need.

In a recent article, New York Times, Brian Chen reminds us it’s been 10 Years! Yes!  He also tells us what has kept the iPhone customer returning for more of  what Apple has to offer. However, in its 10th year, there is a bit of competition to contend with.  So how will Apple pull off staying on top of the market? Bigger screen, facial recognition to unlock the device, and magnetic induction. Here is a summary of what Chen says keeps customers coming back to Apple.

  • Support: Easy access to setting up appointments for phone repairs
  • Security: iPhone Operating System is more secure than Android
  •  Privacy: Apple’s commitment to consumer privacy
  • Ecosystem: iPhone works well with other Apple devices
  • iPhone Brand: iPhone customers trust the Brand

For details make sure to read the article: Dear iPhone: Here’s Why We’re Still Together After 10 Years

For details about latest iPhone news click here: iPhone-X release date

2 thoughts on “Loving the iPhone

  1. Interesting points from Chen about why consumers are loyal to the Apple brand, at least when it comes to the iPhone. I am a huge Apple fan myself, but I also adore Google and every smartphone I’ve had has been an Android. But I’m not loyal to a specific manufacturer, just that operating system. My current Android, an LG, has a terrible battery life and I think this has forever tainted my view of the LG brand. It’s interesting. Not sure what LG could do to change my mind!


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