Big Data Questions & Some Answers

How is BIG DATA described in your experience with ‘searching’ for answers on how to protect ourselves from the ‘Big Brother‘ invasion into our lives?  Below are two definitions of big data, which I found on the Internet. As you may notice, the spelling is not the same.

  • Datafication is a modern technological trend turning many aspects of our life into computerised data [1] Source: Datafication – Wikipedia …Ok – Wikipedia doesn’t quite explain it for you.  Here’s a VERY good explanation:
  • Datification is about taking a process or activity that was previously invisible and turning it into data. That data can then be tracked, monitored, and optimized, leading to new opportunities — and new challenges. It’s similar in some ways to the notion of “dark data” –  data that has been ignored up until now because of technology limitations. Only in this case, it’s more like “dark activities” that are now being pushed into the light. Source: Business Analytics & Digital Business | The Datification of our Daily Lives
  • These are some examples of how BIG DATA is gathered:  Facebook, Fitbit, Twitter, SmartPhone, purchasing on-line.  Are you getting the picture?

Big data is definitely here to stay.  Is it a bad thing? According to data expert, Bernard Marr,  big data enhances our lives in many ways, businesses can serve their customers better, the healthcare industry can find new cures for diseases, it is used by NSA (National Security Agency) to protect us from terror attacks, and it protects us from cyber attacks. The list is impressive on the benefits of big data.

Even with all the ‘benefits’ big data provides us as a society, there are those who would prefer not to be ‘watched’ by big data every time they search the Internet.  Below are a few steps you can take to have some ‘privacy’ when using the Internet for shopping. For example, both Windows and Google Chrome give you an option for private browsing. You can click the icon with your right mouse button on your task bar to make the selection. You can also click the AdChoices Icon to learn why you are seeing the Ad.

Can these steps stop Ads?  Read what Saundra Latham states: Private browsing can help keep your digital tracks covered, but only to an extent. There are several ways your personal data is still up for grabs, especially if you do a lot of web browsing away from home. Source: What Is Private Browsing, and Can it Protect You Online? – The Simple Dollar

Finally, I encourage you to visit  Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) to understand more about online advertising benefits, for example keeping websites free, and to learn about the new tools available for your online preferences.

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