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canstockphoto12223026Every now and then Tech4Boomers likes to take a break from presenting just one aspect of technology.  Everywhere we look today we  glimpse, and hear of,  a new idea:  Microsoft Word, new Apps, and various ways to protect ourselves  on-line are constantly being created. This makes it very hard to keep up-to-date. This post brings some things, which we think could be useful to know.

   Webutation Add-on:

The webutation add-on uses a simple color system to warn you whenever you are visiting a potentially dangerous website. The trustworthiness of the site you are visiting is displayed by a small icon in your browser toolbar. By clicking the icon you can look up the website on you get more detailed information about security risks and where you can also leave your own rating for this website. via Webutation – Website Reputation Community against fraud and badware.

♦ Sharing Documents Easy:

Collaborate with Office OnlineSave documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive. Share them with others and work together at the same time.
Get started now, it’s free! via Microsoft Office Online – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the web.

How to be a Savvy Email User:

Are Your Emails Too Long? Elliott Bell,  Shares:”The Gettysburg Address was 271 words long. Yesterday, I received an email on a company policy change regarding coffee and tea selection that was 350″. via Are Your Emails Too Long? Hint: Probably | The Muse.

Protect your Eyes with Exercise:

Nowadays people see their mobiles and have the habit watching the one spot for a long time, the muscles of eyes will stiffen and then your eyesight will decline. The aim of Eye Exerciser is to stimulate the muscles of eyes and improve your sight. Eye Exerciser gives you various programs to exercise your eyes. For 3 years, Many users – eye patients, eye doctors and so on – gave their opinions and made this app more effective for eyes. If you exercise regularly with this application everyday, your eyes will gradually improve. via Eye Exerciser on the App Store on iTunes.

 Apps to help you with SPF skin protection:

<  The UV Index provides a daily and hourly forecast of the expected intensity of ultraviolet UV radiation from the sun. Some exposure to sunlight is enjoyable. However, too much sun can be dangerous. Overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation can cause immediate damage, such as sunburn, and long-term problems, such as skin cancer. via EPA’s SunWise UV Index on the App Store on iTunes.

 < WeatherPro for Android features high-quality seven-day forecasts and weather reports for over two million cities and 800,000 points of interest worldwide. Highlights include global satellite plus radar for the USA, Australia and much of Europe. Images can be animated with interactive elements bringing the weather to life! via WeatherPro: The weather app for Android.

I hope this is helpful !canstockphoto0122697


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