Still Using XP Operating System?

XP_operating systemSome of you may remember the Post I did about the XP Operating System (O/S). If you’re not sure what  OS you have on your PC, you may want to look at that Post. .

If you are still running the XP Operating System, I suggest you check the information below at your earliest convenience. Then click the link at the end for other details.

  • The end of Windows XP Support does not mean your computer will not work; however, new bugs after April 2014 will not be supported.
  • Many computers still running XP after April 2014 will be hit with viruses.  In addition, the cost to fix the issues will be higher. Experts agree that it is best not to use your computer with the XP Operating System after April 2014.
  • Migrating to Windows 7 may not be too hard  to navigate.  Windows 8 has a harder learning curve.bug_XP

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