Facebook Privacy Settings Review


The hacking of e-mail accounts seems to be on the rise.  Just recently, the Bush family email accounts were hacked. Family photos of senior Bush,  phone numbers, and other images were among the personal items that were divulged. While the Secret Service is investigating the hacking of e-mail accounts belonging to the Bush family, we want to take notice of what our personal vulnerability could be, and do our best to protect information we do not want to share publicly with the Internet.

A recent New York Times, FaceBook article reviewed the importance of knowing how to protect your privacy – that is what ‘others’ see – you  post to your account.  Nowadays,marketers want to advertise to Facebook users. The new Facebook search tool provides that access.  For example, by default, search engines can link to your timeline. However, this function can be turned off. If you haven’t checked your account since December 2012, below is a summary of some things you may want to check soon.

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1)    Who can see my stuff

2)    Activity log ( posts, pictures) look at the original posts settings & likes.

3)    If you have  posts or photos in your timeline that concern you “unlike” or “delete ” it.

4)    Decide how much of your identity you would like to share, then go to your profile page, click “About Me” and decide what you want to be visible in your timeline, such as your birthdate.

5)    If you mind being tracked by advertisers, there are tools which can help you block trackers  (e.g Abine, Disconnect Me).

6)    If Facebook is showing you Ads you would rather not see, hover over the x and choose from the drop down menu – select hide this ad.

  • You can read more details at:


  • To find out more about Do not track software –click these links:



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I hope this is helpful.  See you at the next post 🙂

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