Are You AntiVirus Savvy ?!

canstockphoto5631597 OK folks,  by now we should all be AntiVirus Savvy.  That is to say, each of us should have put a layer of protection on our computers and mobile devices.  Yes! Do get AntiVirus software/Apps for your laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.  This Post recommends places where you can go to get FREE Antivirus Help! Continue reading

AVG AntiVirus FREE 2014 Review & Rating |

fyi only signIf you are not sure what to do about purchasing Anti-virus software below is a great article I found at PC Magazine.  Make sure to read it and get protection at your first opportunity.  After all, it’s FREE!


By Neil J. Rubenking.

If you dont have antivirus protection installed on all your PCs, shame on you! Given the quality of free antivirus products currently available, theres just no excuse for going without protection. AVG AntiVirus FREE 2014 is a good choice. I had a little trouble getting it installed on malware-infested test systems, but once installed it did a good cleanup job, and it turned in a great score in my malware-blocking test.

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