Intro to Twitter_Tech4Boomers_Session 2

Now that you have your Twitter ID, and are able to log in, you will want to become acquainted with how to send Tweets.  “Tweets” are the messages you type.  You can type a maximum of 140 characters.  Don’t worry,  Twitter counts the characters for you!  🙂

There are  Help/ guidelines available  in Twitter, which you can access with the down arrow next to your user name as shown in the illustration below.

Get help here

Use the Help button for detailed guidelines

You are now ready to send ‘Tweets‘.  Begin by getting acquainted with the “navigation tabs”,  illustrated below.
Click the image to see a full screen.

Tweet Buttons

I expect that you will become increasingly capable in deciding whom you want to “Follow” .  In the 3rd session of Intro to Twitter_Tech4Boomers, we will cover Avatars, and how to create one.  In the 4th session of Intro to Twitter_Tech4Boomers we will review how to “Follow” other “Tweeps” on  Twitter.

Stay tuned 🙂

Intro to Twitter_Tech4Boomers_Session 1

I have heard from Boomer friends, and family that they have a Twitter account, but have not used it.  Some have said that they just can’t figure out what to do with all the little Icons provided on the screen. Well, in order to assist those who want to join, and those who have already joined, but are not using it, the guidelines in this post are designed to get you started.  In addition, Twitter has a wonderful support system, which is very easy to understand, and easily accessible.

  1. Navigating in Twitter requires that you have an email account.  Make sure you know what password you want to use before you sign-up.

  2. Twitter works via text, therefore the cost of using Twitter is usually what you pay for text messages on your phone.  Check with your carrier before you sign-up, so that you are clear about cost.

Note: Twitter has a 140 character limitation for each Tweet.  Who knows, maybe it’s just what you need to cut down on your bill 🙂 !

  1. You can choose to use your email as your user name; however, many people use their first name as their username so they can be recognized by their friends, and others.

  2. When your account has been created it will have an @symbol placed in front of it, for example, judith would become @judith

Note: Sometimes a number is added to your user name to avoid duplication. You can change your user name at a later date without affecting existing Tweets.

You can create an account at,  to fill out a form like the one below, then click the Sign Up button.

The next set of guidelines will show the Twitter Navigation Toolbar from a Personal Computer screen view.
NoteClick the image to see clearly.

See you at the next session.  🙂

Why Twitter?

What’s happening Boomers?

It  occurred to me that some of you may want to know why you should join Twitter since there are other things you can do on the Internet.  Most of you are already using a cell phone, and email. Some of you are on Facebook; some are texting.  Some of you are thinking the whole social media “thing ” is out of control! You have as much info as you can stand!

Why Twitter?  Well, other than the fact I am on Twitter (smile), below are some of the reasons i joined.

I found the following explanation  to be one of the best, and check the date it was written!  2007!

Click the link to the website if you want to create an account and get a detailed description about how Twitter works.

For those of you who want a more graphic description how to join  Twitterland, i will be providing that in the near  future, or  you can join at the surprising addresses below.

In the meanwhile, Newbie’s who take the plunge, let me hear your comments after you join.


March 15, 2007 4:15 PM PDT

Newbie’s guide to Twitter

If you’re not using Twitter yet, you may feel as if you’ve missed out. Twitter has not only tipped the tuna, but by some estimations, it has already jumped the shark. Don’t be put off by its excessive popularity with SXSW geeks or by the whining of Twitter haters who missed the fun. Twitter is an interesting and practical real-time messaging system for groups and friends. It’s just not completely obvious how to get into the “club.” So, here’s a newbie’s guide to this new platform. We don’t cover every feature of Twitter, but this should help get you started.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an online service that enables you to broadcast short messages to your friends or “followers.” It also lets you specify which Twitter users you want to follow so you can read their messages in one place.

Read more:


Guess what ?  You can even follow the President?


Missing Oprah?  Want to know what she’s doing?   🙂

Looking forward to hearing about your favorite people to follow 🙂 !