Finding e-waste freedom!

canstockphoto2309692How many of your old e-book readers, video games, cell phones and laptops are taking up your living space, or just lying around discarded and you can’t figure out what to do about them?

Well, I am happy to report that HELP is available for you to recycle your e-waste/junk.

What if you could get money for your e-waste items? Well, it turns out there are three companies that are available to aid you with just that. Those companies are Amazon, Gazelle and Best Buy.  In the article I read was the FAVORITE. The Amazon-trade-in program accepts a lot of old devices/equipment and you can receive Amazon gift cards for items like: PlayStation 3 Controller, old DVD’s, Wi-Fi routers, used video games, and cable modems. They also accept books!

The process may take a little time, but how long do you want to store/drag around that old equipment in your home?  Amazon will send you free shipping labels. All you need to do is pack up and drop off the packages at a U.P.S. mailbox.  It’s certainly worth a try. Don’t you think so?


Other sites to check out are: and Best
Read more about these programs at: How to Sell or Recycle Old Electronics

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