Smartphone Security Apps

mobile securityMore and more these days smartphones have become our way to conduct personal business. Passwords are keyed into these devices to purchase items, conduct bank business, and order lunch.  Credit card information is stored. It’s a convenient way to get things done not just quickly, but also expeditiously.

We also rely on these devices to be a safe way for conducting all manner of other business.  So, the question is what have you done lately to make sure that your mobile device is protected from hackers?  If you haven’t thought about this, I suggest you do so in the near future.  I read recently that Android phones can be more susceptible to viruses and malware attacks because of  the open nature of that operating system. IPhone users can also be exposed to these types of attacks as well.  Below are some free apps you will want to explore to support you in your efforts to “use expeditiously and be relatively more secure”.

  1. AVAST Mobile Security
  2. LOOKOUT Security and Antivirus

Learn more about these apps via Video Feature: Protect Your Smartphone Data With Some Fortifications – The New York Times.

I hope this is helpful 🙂

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