Helping with Internet Sustainability

canstock8165132When Windows XP was released in October 2001 it was available in 25 languages.  So as I read a recent article by Tony Bradley of TechRepublic stating that the Windows XP Operating system poses a greater risk than Heartbleed, I wondered how many of those XP users had upgraded their operating system.

Many World Wide Web (HTTP) users may not consider that they are only a small part of the Internet that we all share in the Cyberspace universe.  There are more than 100 countries connected to the Internet global network which has millions of computers.

It is the Internet that disseminates email (SMTP), then there are news groups, instant messaging, FTP (File Transfer Protocol -TCP/IP). It’s complicated. When we put all that together, how can we know who still has the XP operating system?  Therein lies the problem, and that’s where Internet sustainability comes to the forefront.  Just like our planet Earth, which we are all responsible for and have just become sensible by doing something about it, we must all share the responsibility for Internet security.

The article makes some of the points listed below:

  • When April 8, 2014, passed by and Windows XP machines continued working just like the day before, and the world didn’t come to a crashing halt, there were probably many businesses and individuals stubbornly continuing to use Windows XP…
  • Heartbleed was just one vulnerability. It was identified, a patch was developed, and the world was put on notice. Now, we can move on. It was an isolated moment in time.
  • Windows XP, on the other hand, is now a permanent, ongoing “zero day” vulnerability… There won’t be any more patches or updates, so it’s permanently at risk.

Read the article at:

Get more info from the experts:

What have you done lately?  Is your operating system possibly causing a risk to the Internet?

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