Digital Gifts for the Holidays

canstockphoto15875571The Holidays for some of us are a real challenge when it comes to buying digital gifts for our ‘geeky tech friends’.  That’s why I am elated to share the suggestions presented in an article I found at by Ken Hess, listed below.

 SSD – solid state drive
 Chromebook – with descriptions of various models
♦ Tablet Computers – listed in order of preference
 Digital Video Camera – *** for as little as $20.00!
 External USB Hard Drive – good for backing up-
……with suggestions for purchase
♦ Ultrabook Computer by Intel Corporation

Don’t miss out on this great article with detailed information by clicking the link below.

6 great digital geek gift ideas for your 2013 holiday buying frenzy (Gift Guide 2013) | ZDNet.

Happy Shopping!

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