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Free SkyDrive Training

free_computer trainYou may remember my November 12, 2012 post about mail, Microsoft’s upgrade for Hotmail users.  By now you should have had a chance to upgrade your email, and explore at least some of the options that are available in this software.

The email enhancements to Hotmail, however, are not all that’s great about the upgrade.  Microsoft has made available SkyDrive,  web-based applications which provide free of charge Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.  Since these applications are provided in your personal cloud, you can access your files from various locations. Below is a description of Personal Cloud Storage.

Personal cloud storage (PCS) is an online web service that provides server space for individuals to store data, photos, videos and other files. Many service providers offer a limited amount of personal cloud storage space for free, hoping that once the customer feels comfortable with the service, he will purchase additional space to back up or archive other files via What is personal cloud storage (PCS)? – Definition from

Now, for more exciting news!  While searching the Internet, I found the best computer training site, which provides access to free of charge on-line computer classes.  SkyDrive classes is one of the many services provided.  You can take  classes on your desktop computer, iPad, or your mobile phone.  Please check it out at this link:  You can read the terms of use at this link:

I assure you that it will be a good learning experience!  See you at the next post.  🙂



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