July 9, 2012 … DNS Changer Deadline…

 Have you tested your computer at the FBI Website to make sure you are not infected with DNS Changer Malware? In our June 18, 2012 post we discussed  what it’s all about.  Below is a summary of an article written by Matt Peckham at Time Techland. It’s a reference about the FBI deadline and what will happen if you do not check your computer(s) for DNS Changer Malware… Click the link at the end of the summary to read the entire article.

 ♣ There’s a story circulating that if you don’t ensure your computer is malware-free by July 9, 2012, the FBI will shut off your access to the Internet. Like most such alarmist claims, it’s only partly true, though if you’re a Windows or Mac user, you’ll want to pay attention…

 DNSChanger targets Windows or Mac systems (Linux, iOS and Android users are in the clear) by manipulating Domain Name Servers (DNS), which translate syntax-based URLs into IP addresses…

To be clear, your Internet service itself will be unaffected by the change: If your computer is infected with the DNSChanger malware, your Internet router will keep routing and any commands sent by your computer that aren’t DNS-related will still pass.

 The FBI isn’t shutting off Internet service to impacted machines, it’s just pulling the plug on a stopgap measure designed to bandaid the broken process currently facilitating DNS communication on infected machines…

How do you tell if you’re infected? Simple: The FBI runs a DNS checker page, where you can type your DNS info into a box to check its validity. Easier still, you can click on a link that’ll automatically check and return either a green or red background, indicating “clean” or “infected” states, respectively. via DNSChanger: FBI Warns Infected Computers Will Lose Web, Email Access in July | Techland | TIME.com.

You can check your computer now by clicking the dns-ok  link below.


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I hope this is helpful ! 🙂

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