Hi Facebook Boomers,

On Twitter this week i noticed an interesting NYT article by Nick Bilton ,

Facebook Changes Privacy Settings to Enable Facial Recognition. 

I think you might want to be aware of the following changes to your Facebook accounts.  These are some of the highlights in the article:

  1. Facebook recently began changing its users privacy settings to automatically turn on a facial recognition feature that detects a user’s face in an image.
  2. Once the person’s face is detected, the Web site then encourages Facebook friends to tag them.
  3. Facebook also doesn’t give users the option to avoid being tagged in a photo; instead, people who don’t want their name attached to an image must untag themselves after the fact.
  4. You can change the privacy settings relating to the facial recognition feature, but it is a little confusing.
  5. If you want to disable the feature, you have to access your account privacy settings  and click “customize settings” at the bottom of the page.  Scroll down to a list called “things to share”
  6. Click on the button that says “suggest photos of me to friends”.
  7. At this point you will receive the option to disable the facial recognition feature.

This is a great resource for technology news.

You can follow Nick Bilton on Twitter @nickbilton

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