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news w apps It’s a challenge just keeping up with all the new things happening with technology.  Therefore, my mission is to bring those technews items that could be useful not only for BabyBoomers, but interesting for those who have a Smartphone, tablet, or curiosity  in ‘what’s happening with tech’ :).


  On my ‘goodie’ list are three News Apps, which I read about in the New York Times, and loaded on my iPhone. Although I still like the idea of the News paper format, if I am honest, I never get to read it all, and I am not so sure what good it does for the planet.  I mean recycling,  the newspaper, is that really the answer?  The newspaper takes up a lot of room in my tote bag, and occasionally is inconvenient for others when I’m trying to read it on the Metro. Truth be told, I probably will read more on my iPhone, or iPad in the long run just because it’s easier :).

Take a moment to read the short synopsis of each App, then click the link  to quickly access them.

 The BBC News App is very easy to use, and is free on iOS and Android. The App places the top stories on a front panel, which houses smaller panels, and when you click on the smaller boxes, it jumps to the article.
Other nice features I liked about the app are:

  • Live Radio
  • Latest News banner at the top of the app
  • Edit button provides the option to move the Top Stories categories in an order of your personal preference.  Just click on the side bars to move the link up or down the list.
  • Change the font size
  • Share the stories via Email, Twitter, and Facebook, are easily done
  •  HELP feature. via BBC News on the App Store on iTunes.

 The Washingon Post App can be downloaded to your Android Tablet or Kindle Fire. Find it on Google Play and the Amazon App Store. iPod and iPhone users can find it on the iTunes App store.

These are the features listed for the Washington Post News App:

  • Save: Articles to My Post to read offline
  • Share: Content via Facebook, Twitter and email
  • Customize: Your navigation with your favorite
    sections and features
  • Read: your favorite sections offline.
  • Search: For stories and photos
  • Find: Content quickly and easily with intuitive
    navigation and design
  • View: Extensive photo galleries and videos
    via Mobile News and Apps – The Washington Post.

 The New York Times App  can be downloaded to iPad/iPhone/iPod touch (requires iOS 7.o or later)… Android,Blackberry, Kindle,Windows 8, Windows Phone and Mobile Web.

Some features listed for the New York Time News App:

  • Free to download. You must subscribe to get unlimited access.
  • Note:  If you are a NYT subscriber (print & digital, you have unlimited access to the NYT Now app), which is only available for the iPhone.
  • Share: Content via Facebook, Text Message, AirDrop, Twitter and email
  • Save: NYT articles

⇒ Check out other News Apps that are available by clicking this link.

via Flipboard, Circa and Other Apps to Keep Track of the News – NYTimes.com.

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Ready…Set…Back to School Technology & More

It seems that it was not so long ago that preparing our grade school children, high school teenagers, and college bound  students for back to school items consisted of purchasing new clothing, books, pencils, crayons etc.  Maybe we knew more recently about laptops, or desktop computers; however, there is a whole new world out there when it comes to understanding what to buy for your students, and yourselves :). That’s why Tech4Boomers searched around for some suggestions that you could review if you are still deciding what to do, and what to buy. Don’t forget to click the SOURCE links to learn more about the products and websites.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive: This backup drive lets you breathe easy by protecting your entire digital life with one click, yet it is thin and small enough to take with you when you’re on the go. The drive comes in three capacities — 500GB, 1 terabyte and 2 terabytes, all less than 1/2-inch thick — and four colors blue, black, red and silver. From $65.Otterbox NFL Edition Defender

Epson Expression Home XP-410 Small-in-One Printer: The small footprint of this printer-copier-scanner is perfect when you don’t have a lot of space. And because it has wireless capability, you can print directly from your smartphone or tablet. $100.

Go right to the head of the class this fall with the latest and greatest technology devices powered by Intel. This “annotated” 2014 back to school buying guide highlights some tablet and 2 in 1 devices whose lightning-fast performance, responsiveness, mobility and versatility will help any student be device-ready for back to school.

Make sure you print the Back to School Supplies Price List for 2014. . . You can watch the Back to School Sales Page each week to find the lowest prices at each store.

Ventev the Powercell 6000+ This portable and pluggable gadget is a battery for when you’re on the go. It delivers up to 25 hours of talk time, 18 hours of Internet, 20 hours of video playback or 100 hours of audio playback — and a wall charger when you’re staying in. $75.

LeapFrog LeapPad Learning Tablet: So what’s new about LeapPad Gen 3? The biggest news is that it is Wi-Fi enabled. Combine that with LeapSearch powered by Zui, and children can explore prescreened kid-friendly Web content that has been approved by learning experts. Wi-Fi also allows for peer-to-peer gaming and access to LeapFrog’s Learning Library of more than 1,000 educator-approved games, apps, eBooks, videos and music tracks. $100.

StudyBlueStudyBlue is a free app for the Web, iOS or Android that connects you to fellow students so you can share materials and notes. Sign up, add your school and classes, and then you and your peers can create flashcards, get personalized quizzes and access other collaborative study materials.

Protag DuetThe Duet $30 is a tiny device you can attach to your keys, backpack or what-have-you, and pair with the free Protag app iOS and Android. If you lose the item with the Duet attached, you can use your phone to make the Duet beep so you can find it. It works in the other direction, too: Push a button on the Duet and your phone will sound off so you can locate it.


  1. What’s new in back-to-school tech gadgets | Business & Technology | The Seattle Times.
  2. (Note: click the picture to print info)  2014 Intel Back to School Buying Guide.
  3. Heading back to school? Try these 11 terrific tech tools. | Computerworld.
  4. Back to School Supplies Price List 2014.


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Are Your Online Accounts 2FA Protected?

hackers1Let’s face it.  We all keep fighting the good fight, but every time we hear a news story about HaCkErS a shudder runs through our brains.  And moreover, we wonder whether we, or the companies have any control over our security ONLINE.  After all, we can have super passwords and usernames, but if the companies where we use those keys to get access to our information are not well-prepared to protect us, what are we to do?

Have you heard the term Multifactor Authentication also known as 2FA?  Many companies use only one of three factors to protect access to your bank accounts, credit accounts, etc.:

  1.  username / password
  2. Codes/ID cards (e.g. Plastic cards that provide entry to doorways)
  3. Biometric credentials (e.g. Fingerprints)

Just as some users don’t want the inconvenience of having to do two or three steps to use their online accounts, some companies are not eager to add ‘Two Factor Strong Authentication‘ for entry into their systems/accounts because it increases the overhead for Security by having to hire more tech support.

If this is a cause of concern to you visit the website: http://twofactorauth.org/ .  This website provides a list of companies that do and don’t offer Multifactor Authentication.  It is a surprise to learn which companies and banks do not have upgraded login security.


Other things you can do:

  1. Do not allow websites to save your password.
  2. Check out what Bob Sullivan has to say about this. What does the Hold Security billion-password story mean for you?
    via A billion stolen passwords? No reason to freak — just take these reasonable steps — Bob Sullivan.
  3. Don’t panic! Change your credentials regularly.
  4. Check out new ways people are exploring to protect their passwords:  LaunchKey is the quick, private and secure way to sign in or authenticate without passwords by utilizing multi-factor authentication on your smartphone or tablet. Simply pair your device and login on any LaunchKey-enabled website or application with only a swipe of your finger. via LaunchKey on the App Store on iTunes.

Be careful out there!

Where’s your car? Find it with APPs

Ok BabyBoomers, this question is for you :) :

What did you do the last time you parked your car, and when you went to pick it up you could not remember where to look for the car?   Did the BabyBoomer friends you were having all that fun with recall where you parked the car?

Did you spend an hour trying to remember the last place you saw it or did you think it was stolen?  You would be surprised to know that “we are not alone” when it comes to finding our cars after a fun time.  It apparently happens often enough that some APP makers thought it would be a good thing to create a few APPs to help us out.

Check out these memory helpers if you think you might want to use one of these apps, and save yourself the headache of trying to find your car on your own next time.

Find My Car! Find My Car! is a simple application that uses GPS location services to help you find your car. You will never forget where you parked!


 How to use:

1.  Open Find My Car! application and save your car position on the map. You can also take a picture and associate a short description to help fully document the parking spot.

2.  To find your car again, open the application and locate your last car position on the map different zoom levels available.

The distance to your car is displayed in real time as you walk in the street! You can also see the best walking direction from your current position to your parked location.  iPhone users click here to download via Find My Car! iPhone Application.

Note:  Click here if you have an Android Phone: via Find My Car – Android Apps on Google Play.

I hope this is helpful :)


Deadwood: When is the last time you cleaned up your Apps?

Fyi_33Deadwood: We’ve all heard the word and what it implies. But, have you ever thought that you could be in support of it?

I read an article by Nick Bilton of the New York Times recently about Apps, which have access to your social accounts.

Here are some of the main points of his article.

  • Many Apps have access to your social accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and most likely you have given them permission to see everything you’re doing online.
  • You probably have Apps that you have not used in six months (or more).  Those Apps should have their access revoked to your Tweets, Likes, and your location.
  • Check out the Twitter’s Applications page to see what Apps and services have access to your Twitter profile.  Here’s the link for Twitter’s guidelines:

Below are some screenshots of what that looks like:

1)  After signing into your account look for the Settings Icon and click it:

settings in txt box

2)    After you click the settings link you will be directed to a list which has various options: Account, Security and privacy, Password etc. 

Look for the Apps link and click it.

There you will have a list of apps listing which rights they have to your information.  Click the Revoke Access buttons to remove the apps rights.

revoke app in txt box_2

When is the last time you looked at what Apps have access to your social accounts?

Use this link to read Nick Bilton’s article: Spring Cleaning Who Has Access to Your Data – NYTimes.com.

I hope this is helpful :)

Job APPS Savvy

mobile productivityThere is no longer any doubt that in today’s world often we use technology to help us with our lives. As a matter of fact, JOB HUNTING is no longer done in the old-fashioned way, and I don’t mean newspapers. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the on-line application process.  Making your way through the many application requirements, and then hoping that you will be among the very lucky prospective candidates to get a response can be frustrating, to say the least.

I recently learned about new Mobile APPS, which help job hunters searching for jobs using their mobile devices, and makes this application process,  and search, quicker by providing the following features:

job apps

Below are some recommendations for mobile job apps.  You can read the full article by clicking the NYTimes.com link.

Glassdoor app: One of the simplest job-seeking apps is Glassdoor’s Job Search, Salaries and Company Reviews — free on iOS and Android. Think of a quick-hit news reporting service that only reports on new job openings and you’re close to understanding how this app works.via Remember Want Ads for Jobs? Now You Find Them on a Phone – NYTimes.com.

 Click this link to read about and install the  iOS free app

 Click this link to read about and install the  Android free app

CareerBuilder’s Jobs app: Free on iOS and Android and for Kindle devices. Like Glassdoor, CareerBuilder has a neat design that makes browsing the various job listings pleasant. But it also has some sophisticated features, like being able to calculate commuting distances based on your phone’s GPS data. You can upload your résumé to Career Builder and even apply for some positions directly through the app. On the iPad you can also see basic data on how many people are competing for a job. via Remember Want Ads for Jobs? Now You Find Them on a Phone – NYTimes.com.

 Click this link to read about and install the  iOS free app

 Click this link to read about and install the  Android free app

I hope this is helpful :)

Passwords Conversations


OK, let’s be honest with each other. How many passwords do you have?  For myself,  I’ve lost count.  Seriously, do you know where all your passwords are?  Maybe you have them on a  post-it, or two.  Chances are it’s becoming more and more difficult for you to keep track of them; especially since experts recommend passwords should be changed at least every six months.

Things To Do

A. You can read about a password generator app (Wolfram)  from iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wolfram-password-generator/id479550619?mt=8

B. Symantec suggests that we use mnemonic phrases to create passwords. Examples of  mnemonic phrases might include a phrase spelled phonetically, such as ‘ImaKat!’ (instead of ‘I’m a cat!’) or the first letters of a memorable phrase such as ‘qbfjold*’ = “quick brown fox jumped over lazy dog.” You can read more at http://www.symantec.com/connect/articles/simplest-security-guide-better-password-practices

C. If you’re running out of ideas about how to keep up this very important responsibility, you may want to use an App to help you organize/protect your passwords. This method may be a little difficult for Baby Boomers to embrace; however, I have learned recently that Echo Boomers use their smartphones to do all kinds of things. Two examples are banking and paying the check at the restaurant.  And yes, some of them think that the use of Apps to protect their identities is the best way to handle this important chore.  That brings me to an article I read about Apps that manage all of this information in one place. Below is a brief summary of available Apps you can use to help you with passwords.  You can click the link below to read the article.

D. Password Security Suggestions:   1) Use a different password for the websites that you visit frequently. 2) Use a Password Manager.

E.Password Managers:
1password. Read a review at: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2408348,00.asp

Lastpass.  Free! Read a review at: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2426798,00.asp

Onesafe.  ios App.  Read a review at: http://webapprater.com/reviews/onesafe-ios-app-provides-full-security.html

Keeper. Free! Read about it at:  https://keepersecurity.com/

I hope this is helpful! :)