Ready, Set…Back to School … Equipment

Back to school_2015Once again we are fortunate enough to have tech experts to help us with deciding  what type of technical equipment is worth our consideration when purchasing laptops, smartphones and all the other gadgets that we use in today’s tech world.

Back-to-school days are just around the corner – –  and for some families it’s already here. Most of us can use information to aid our students in locating the best devices to buy and use to get their school work done.  Below are some ideas worth looking at.  As always click the link provided for the full article.

  1. Acer is gunning for a piece of the affordable-laptop pie with its new aggressively priced notebooks. The Aspire One Cloudbook series are sub-$200 notebooks that run Windows 10 and will initially be available…via Back to School – 2015 Laptop and Gadget Guide.
  2. In this month’s issue of PC Magazine: The best tech products for heading back to school, the top ten Windows 10 tips, how to cut off your cable service without missing your favorite TV shows, our tricks for polishing Google Chrome, the apps you need for any road trip, and much more! via PC Magazine August 2015 |
  3. Whether you’re shopping for a student or are looking to update your own tech lineup, our back-to-school guide will show you something worth your time and money. via Back-to-School Tech Guide – CNET.

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Smartphone Security Apps

mobile securityMore and more these days smartphones have become our way to conduct personal business. Passwords are keyed into these devices to purchase items, conduct bank business, and order lunch.  Credit card information is stored. It’s a convenient way to get things done not just quickly, but also expeditiously.

We also rely on these devices to be a safe way for conducting all manner of other business.  So, the question is what have you done lately to make sure that your mobile device is protected from hackers? Continue reading

What’s Happening with Windows 10?

green windows10 postOn July 29th those of us who have Windows Operating Systems will probably run toward the new operating system Windows 10.  In the meanwhile, in case you are not sure what to expect, here are a few articles that should help you understand what to expect, and what you are entitled to.  As usual, just click the link at the end of the summary to get full details.

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Apple is First Again with the Apple Watch

apple watch

Once again Apple is in the forefront with its latest and greatest tech gadget for our amusement and to our delight.  And, guess what?  We can’t wait to buy it!  Who can figure out the mentality of the Apple buyer?  Word is that it’s the best Smart Watch on the market if you believe Consumer Reports. Check out the article for yourself. via Apple Watch is the best smartwatch around, says Consumer Report – SlashGear.

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Of course, there are other tech pros who have their review of the watch you may want to read. Continue reading

Ways to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

7856760[1]What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and how can we prevent it?

Wrist Care: Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

If you spend a lot of time doing activities that involve forceful or repetitive hand or wrist movement or use of vibrating equipment, you have an increased risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. These activities can include driving, working with small instruments, knitting, or using a sander. Continue reading

March Blogging U. Courses: Blogging and Photo 101


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We’re excited to offer two Blogging U. courses this March: Blogging 101 and Photography 101. Read on to learn more about each course, see how Blogging U. works, and register!

And you'll get a badge! Who doesn't love a badge?

Blogging 101: Zero to Hero — March 2 – 20

Blogging 101 is three weeks of bite-size assignments that take you from “Blog?” to “Blog!” Every weekday, you’ll get a new assignment to help you publish a post, customize your blog, or engage with the community. Whether you’re just getting started or want to revive a dormant blog, we’ll help you build blogging habits and connections that will keep you going over the long haul.

You’ll walk away with a stronger focus for your blog, several published posts and a handful of drafts, a theme that reflects your personality, a small (but growing!) audience, a grasp of blogging etiquette — and a bunch of new friends.


Photography 101: A Photo a Day — March 2 – 27

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Black Tech inventors Who Shaped the Modern World

canstockphoto3111576We wouldn’t be enjoying our gadgets and apps without these amazing innovators. This list of dreamers and scientists include a “godfather”, a “father” and two women, who, along with the rest of these high achievers, have helped shape our modern, digital, connected world.via Black Tech inventors Who Shaped the Modern World.


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