Finding e-waste freedom!

canstockphoto2309692How many of your old e-book readers, video games, cell phones and laptops are taking up your living space, or just lying around discarded and you can’t figure out what to do about them?

Well, I am happy to report that HELP is available for you to recycle your e-waste/junk.

What if you could get money for your e-waste items? Well, it turns out there are three companies that are available to aid you with just that. Those companies are Amazon, Gazelle and Best Buy.  In the article I read was the FAVORITE. The Amazon-trade-in program accepts a lot of old devices/equipment and you can receive Amazon gift cards for items like: PlayStation 3 Controller, old DVD’s, Wi-Fi routers, used video games, and cable modems. They also accept books!

The process may take a little time, but how long do you want to store/drag around that old equipment in your home?  Amazon will send you free shipping labels. All you need to do is pack up and drop off the packages at a U.P.S. mailbox.  It’s certainly worth a try. Don’t you think so?


Other sites to check out are: and Best
Read more about these programs at: How to Sell or Recycle Old Electronics


canstockphoto3944292As a senior citizen, I would like to inform you there is no getting around using computers to assist us with our  lives. If you are 65,  by now you have most likely been advised to apply for your medicare benefits ‘online‘. Unless you are located in a remote place on the planet (for example, living in the woods without any access to technology at all), sooner or later, you will have to apply for something, which is not available unless you use a computer. Most of your family probably uses email to ‘stay in touch‘. It’s the best way to expediently ‘communicate’ .  Yes, the  www (world wide web) has changed how we work, play, entertain, shop and much more.  This post is for those of you who do not have ANY computer skills.  However, it is also for the many proficent computer users who are senior citizens and could appreciate a little extra help for their computer questions. Use this opportunity to acquaint yourself with


SeniorNet’s mission is to provide older adults education for and access to computer technologies to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge and wisdom. Find out how you can become a part of SeniorNet and start enjoying the benefits of membership today!   If you are looking for some help to learn new or enhance existing computer skills, you have found the right place. Welcome. Come on in and make yourself at home. SeniorNet is the nation’s most respected nonprofit organization that specializes in computer and Internet education for older adults. Since 1986, SeniorNet has empowered over two million Boomers and Seniors providing encouragement, lifelong learning opportunities and new worlds to explore via the Internet.

Source: SeniorNet

Christmas Cheer with the ElfYourself APP

canstockphoto23581046One excellent way to entertain friends and get yourself into the holiday mood is to download the ElfYourself app. To use it, snap photos of as many as five faces — yours and those of friends and family. Then center the faces in a special frame, add a custom text message and press “O.K.” ElfYourself pastes the faces onto animated dancing elves in a short, funny musical cartoon — for example, a Christmas countdown song that includes kittens popping up in unexpected places. You can share the resulting video on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere. Be prepared for giggles. The app is free on iOS and Android, but comes with just one video — the kitten one. Unlocking more video themes costs $6, for which you get different music styles like hip-hop or an “Oh Hanukkah” video.

Source: Video Feature: Apps, Like Elves, Help Make the Season Bright – The New York Times


Happy Holidays!


Best Gifts 2015 – Useful Gifts for Laptop and Tablet Users

canstockphoto22555290Whether you’re buying a high-tech token of affection for that special someone or a birthday gift for Mom, everyone loves gadgets. Finding the right gift, however, can be a challenge with so many compelling products vying for your attention. Fortunately, we’ve picked the best products to get you started. From budget-friendly Chromebooks to the fastest tablets and the sleekest-looking bags, these are the hottest gadget gifts available now. For even more ideas, see our full list of 100+ gift recommendations on Tom’s Guide by clicking the link below.

Source: Best Gifts 2015 – Useful Gifts for Laptop and Tablet Users

The Accidental Family Help Tech…

canstockphoto15142264In your family tree are you the Help Tech?  That is to say, you have “some” experience with fixing relatively easy computer problems, but you seem to be the most knowledgeable one in the family for random computer issues. Isn’t it often the case that you don’t know the answer right off the top of your head, chances are you know where to go to find the best answer(s) to ‘fix’ the problem.

I am often searching the www for computer solutions to issues that come up with mobile phones, computers, word processing, or new Apps.  The list is very long.  However, now and then I find a piece of information that is one of the best solutions I’ve come across to explain how to do something step-by-step. Continue reading

SmartPhone Leasing…What’s the deal?

canstockphoto16723097Just when you thought you understood how to get a new smartphone after your contract period is up, the wireless carriers introduce the “early upgrade plan”.  Do you have any idea what that is, or if will it work for you?  I checked out an article that discusses the pros and cons of this new “deal“.  Apparently,  it’s still cheaper to own your smartphone, but it depends on what type of smartphone user you are.  One thing is for sure, if you’re the kind of smartphone user who gets excited about any new feature, then this may be the plan for you.  Below are some of the highlights reviewed in the NYTimes article.  Make sure to check out the link at the end of this post for exact details. Continue reading

Getting Politically Savvy with APPS

social vote_oct 15The APP phenomenon allows us to be connected socially using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, to name a few. More recently,  we can also be connected using politically social apps.

The 2016 presidential race will not only be televised, now you can participate in the social conversation via your smartphone.  In addition, you can cast your vote on issues like gun control, healthcare and the environment. There are apps that have a transcript of the US Constitution.  Did you know the Library of Congress has a Constitution app, which is free?  You can also use an app that takes top political stories and makes them available all in one place. Many of these apps are available free of charge.

Take a moment to check out the links below, then review the article for detailed information.

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  1. Library of Congress APPs:
  2. Brigade: iTunes app
  3. Polito-MixAndroid
  4. Polito-Mix: iTunes app

I hope this is helpful :)canstockphoto6234770